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Greenhouse renovation.

Adjusting a greenhouse is custom work. If you want to adapt your greenhouse for a crop change, for example, we understand that this is a drastic change. Mustang Demolition is able to completely unburden you during this process. We prepare an extensive script of the activities and offer transparency and certainty. We will personally visit your location and discuss your wishes in detail.
By means of personal contact and a structured scenario, we achieve the desired result.

Total greenhouse renovation. 
Completely in hands of Mustang Demolition.

Mustang Demolition realizes total renovation projects for your horticultural company. We can adapt and/or renovate every component of your greenhouse interior. In collaboration with our partner Kerklaan Greenhouses, we can recalculate and install heating installations, carry out facade and roof renovations and renew or renovate mechanical parts of your greenhouse. As a result, Mustang Demolition has all the knowledge for renovating your greenhouse under one roof.

Removing growing gutters

Mustang Demolition is a specialist in the professional and rapid dismantling of your cultivation gutters. Your used cultivation gutters are often still in good condition and can be reused. Mustang Demolition has an extensive network of customers and buyers to whom we can often resell the cultivation gutters for a good price. Should your gutters be in a condition where they can no longer be used, Mustang Demolition has advanced machines to remove your gutters as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Disassemble lighting installation

Your lighting installation is an important part of your horticultural business. When your lighting installation has to be dismantled, this requires great care. Mustang Demolition's technical team has extensive experience in dismantling any type of lighting installation. Depending on the condition and type of your lighting, Mustang Demolition may still offer a good fee for your installation.

Removing or adjust heating system

Your heating system largely determines the climate in your greenhouse. If you want to remove or adjust your heating system, this can be a complicated job. Mustang Demolition has extensive experience in removing and modifying various types of heating systems. Depending on the type and condition of your heating pipes, they can add up to a significant amount. Mustang Demolition has the right resources and expertise to make the removal of your heating system as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Dismantling or adjusting your internal transport systems

Your internal transport systems are an essential part of your horticultural business. Without properly functioning transport systems, you cannot achieve the maximum yield when growing. That is why it is important that your internal transport systems function properly. Do you have redundant transport systems? Or do you want to adjust your transport system? Mustang Demolition has extensive experience in modifying and removing your internal transport systems. We have skilled personnel and the right equipment at our disposal to dismantle or adapt these transport systems in the correct manner.

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