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About Mustang Demolition

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Mustang Demolition was founded on 1 January 2000 and has since grown into a major greenhouse demolition company based in Westland in the Netherlands. Because we specialize in demolition, we invest only in skilled craftsmen and specific machines. We always try to stay ahead in the industry and are constantly looking for new ways of doing more work with fewer people.

Safety is our highest priority. That is why we are SCC certified and why all of our machines are tested for safety. And safety is also a priority for our personnel. All of our employees follow a SCC training course.

Fast, professional, and safe dismantling of greenhouses

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Mustang Demolition focuses on the fast, professional, and safe dismantling of greenhouses in the broadest sense of the word. We dismantle all the equipment and separate the existing components for reuse or for easy disposal to processors.It is important that our employees work with the right tools and modern machines. This is why our machinery includes shovels, telescopic handlers, tractors with glass dumpers, tractors with a work platform, hydraulic lift platforms (cherry-pickers), and excavators. We also have specific machines that we use occasionally to demolish and dismantle glass structures.

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Other demolition work

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Besides demolishing greenhouses, more and more often we are called in to dismantle commercial spaces and residential buildings. In these cases, just like others, our team dismantles the structures and carefully sorts and removes the contaminated materials.

We use a very modern, well-equipped flatbed lorry to relocate machines. This vehicle is equipped with hydraulic ramps, so that we can quickly relocate our machinery to the various projects that we carry out for our clients. For excavation work, we have special tractors, levelling plates, earth dumpers, and a wide range of special dumpers, grass seed sowers, and cultivators.

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