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Greenhouse construction.

Kerklaan Greenhouses is specialized in the construction of 'used' greenhouses.

Kerklaan Greenhouses has been active in international greenhouse construction since 1993. We build and renew custom used greenhouses. Venlo and wide-span greenhouses with different trellis widths and with any desired leg height, section size or gutter type. Everything according to the latest regulations and with the most modern techniques and installations.

Construction of used greenhouses.
A smart choice for your project.

We are specialized in building partly “used” greenhouses. In these projects we use a mix of new and used materials. The result is a modern greenhouse that complies with current legislation and regulations at an attractive price. The renewed greenhouse has an excellent return that is not inferior to the return of a completely new greenhouse. We can build and install renovated greenhouses and business premises at any desired location.

More than 25 years of experience in international greenhouse construction.
The power of Kerklaan.

All knowledge in our own hands.
The power of Kerklaan.

Personal contact and maximum unburding. The power of Kerklaan. 

Own people. Own machinery.
Everything in our own hands.

At Kerklaan Greenhouses we keep everything completely in our own hands during the project. With our own construction teams and a wide range of machinery, we are able to deliver high quality with a high degree of finish.

Your greenhouse, our concern

Every greenhouse construction project is unique, and every customer has their own wishes. That is why we make a complete inventory of the customer's wishes before the start of every greenhouse construction project. We ensure a lot of personal contact with fixed points of contact and visit on location to map out the situation. Through personal contact and an insightful planning, we are geared to unburden every customer as much as possible.

Construction of new greenhouses.
Fully customized.

Through knowledge and experience, Kerklaan Greenhouses is able to design and build a high-quality new greenhouse for competitive prices. We offer expertise and advice before, during and after the construction process. These new greenhouses fully comply with current legislation and regulations and include the latest technologies.

All knowledge in house

At Kerklaan Greenhouses we keep everything in our own hands during the project. You have a single point of contact from the design phase to delivery. Together with the client, we design a greenhouse with modern systems, high-quality installations and the right facilities for cultivation. During the construction process, we work with permanent construction teams and professional partners. All this is centrally coordinated so that we can deliver a high-quality new greenhouse in an efficient and transparent manner.

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