Greenhouse demolition
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Circular demolition

What is Circular demolition? Circular demolition is the sustainable dismantling of a building or greenhouse. The materials and raw materials that are released during this process are used to a high standard in other projects. Circular demolition is therefore an essential link in the circular economy. Besides that, Circular demolition is also good for the environment. It prevents the reproduction of materials and the extraction of raw materials.
In addition, circular demolition is also cost-effective. Curious about the costs that you can save by circular demolition? Please feel free to contact us!


Sustainability is important at Mustang Demolition and circular demolition plays an essential role in this. Giving materials and raw materials a second chance reduces the production of new materials and the extraction of new raw materials.
In addition, we take care of the removal and processing of materials that cannot be given a second life.

Always in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way.

'We've come full circle'

At Mustang Demolition, the circular process starts with the inventory of materials that are present in the greenhouse/building. We map out which materials and raw materials can be reused and determine the economic value. We report our inventory, and by means of personal contact, we make the possibilities transparent for you.
After an inventory of the project, the implementation phase begins. The reusable materials and raw materials are disassembled and disposed of in a professional manner.
The materials are transported to our warehouse.
On arrival, they are checked for quality, and where necessary cleaned and treated. Subsequently, the materials are registered and stored.
Most materials are used in the construction of ‘new’ greenhouses. This sustainable principle is called ‘Cradle to Cradle.’ The used materials are given a second life.
The materials are transported again, and entirely according to the wishes of the customer, and the current legislation and regulations professionally assembled. The materials are ‘like new again’, and ready to use!

That’s why we say at Mustang Demolition: ‘we’ve come full circle.’