Greenhouse demolition
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Greenhouse Dismantling


Mustang Demolition specializes in the professional, safe and efficient dismantling of your greenhouse. With more than 20 years of experience in international greenhouse dismantling, we have grown into a progressive greenhouse dismantling company that are always at the forefront of the industry. Thanks to this greenhouse dismantling experience, Mustang Demolition knows how to completely relieve you before, during and after the project. Using advanced machines, experienced professionals and a progressive corporate culture we are able to fulfill all your wishes, within the agreed time frame.
At Mustang Demolition, every greenhouse dismantling project is tailor-made!

Your care, in our hands

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Every project is different, and every costumer is unique.
Thats why we always make a complete inventarisation of the dismantling work.
We personally visit you on location and discuss your wishes in detail. for us, this forms the basis of a well-organized greenhouse dismantling project.
Before the start of the dismantling work, we make a transparent and comprehensive schedule, so that you are not faced with unexpected issues.
Through personal contact and a structured planning, Mustang Demolition achieves the result you want.
Anywhere, anytime.

Certified professionals

To ensure the quality and safety of our work processes, we have various certifications from independent authorities.
In addition, our staff is well trained, experienced in greenhouse dismantling, and always in possession of the correct certificates and quality marks.
Our machines are regularly tested for safety and receive weekly maintenance.

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Our machines, our pride

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With our extensive and diverse machinery, we can handle any assignment. Innovative machines in combination with skilled employees ensure that we can achieve the maximum result with every (greenhouse dismantling) project. All our machines meet the legal safety requirements and are checked and maintained weekly.

Our progressive drive is reflected in our machinery, and that’s what we are proud of.

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Circular greenhouse dismantling

With every dismantling project, we strive for circular demolition and dismantling. We try to reuse or recycle 100% of the released materials. This is not only good for the environment, it is also cost effective.

Do you want to know how much it can yield you? Get in touch!

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Your greenhouse is worth money!

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