Greenhouse demolition
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Repairing damage to greenhouses

Schade aan kas

Mustang Demolition is the company for you – it specializes in repairing damage to your greenhouse. By damage, we mean storm damage, hailstone damage, and fire damage. We carry out various activities to repair this damage as quickly as possible. We pay you a visit, completely free of obligation, take stock of the damage, discuss the possible options with you, and hold in-depth talks with the insurance company. We make sure that you can again focus on your core activity – “growing crops” – as soon as possible.
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Storm damage / Hailstone damage

Stormschade - hagelschade kas

Climate change means that the world’s weather conditions are becoming more and more extreme. Severe whirlwinds, hailstorms with huge hailstones, or long periods of dry weather are no longer the exception. Damage to your greenhouse and your crop is always bad news – as if you didn’t have enough to worry about as an entrepreneur. We make sure that the damage is repaired quickly and professionally and that your horticultural business starts producing again as soon as possible.

Activities that we carry out in case of storm damage include:

Taking stock of storm damage

Fire damage

Brandschade kas - tuinbouw

If there has been fire damage to your greenhouse, we hope you have recovered from the initial shock. Thankfully, fire damage can be repaired. The damage often looks worse than it is after the damage has been recorded. We repair the damage to your greenhouse quickly and professionally.

Activities we carry out in case of fire damage including:

  • removing your crop
  • Removing fire-damaged installations.
  • Removing glass
  • Hosing down your greenhouse
  • replacing screens
  • replacing glass
  • repairing installations
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